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Speak Smith Mountain Like A Local

You’ve decided to move to Smith Mountain Lake. You’re giddy at the prospect of seemingly endless summers, sunbathing on your lakefront patio, and exploring 500 miles of shoreline at a moment’s notice. Your dream of living a vacation lifestyle has finally come to fruition. Now it’s time to figure out where you’re going to set your anchor.

Even though Smith Mountain Lake is a close-knit community, it still encompasses a rather large area. For example, did you know that SML touches three different counties: Franklin, Bedford and Pittsylvania? Each of these areas have their own unique personality and it’s important for you to get to know them as you’re starting your home search.

As an experienced resident REALTOR®, I have an extensive amount of knowledge on each and every neighborhood, development and community within the Smith Mountain Lake area. And while this list doesn’t encompass every single one of them, it does help explain each locality in more detail.


If you’ve vacationed at Smith Mountain Lake, then chances are you know this area very well. Westlake is considered one of the more developed areas of Smith Mountain Lake. Located in Franklin County, addresses include Hardy, Wirtz, Burnt Chimney, Scruggs and the western side of Moneta. (Note: it’s pronounced “moe-knee-tah,” not “moe-net-ah.”)

Westlake is also home to many commercial business developments. Here you’ll find Westlake Towne Center, which houses grocery stores, gift shops, cinemas, pharmacies and restaurants. Sunken City Brewery is also located across the street from Westlake Towne Center, which is a great place to socialize during the summer months.

Medical facilities are also prevalent at Westlake. VelocityCare by Carilion is the perfect solution for “urgencies that aren’t emergencies.” A number of family physicians, pediatricians, chiropractors and dentists are also located in this area.


Even though it doesn’t have a formal name, if you tell someone to meet you at “The Bridge,” they know exactly where you are. Located at Halesford Bridge (the bridge that connects Westlake to Eastlake) The Bridge is a commercial development that serves as the entertainment hub of Smith Mountain Lake. Here you’re find various indoor/outdoor restaurants and bars, arcades, ice cream parlors, retail shops selling everything from flip flops to fine art, mini golf and marinas equipped with watersports rentals (jet skis, pontoons, speedboats, and more!)

You’ll also have the chance to feed our infamous carp! Simply pick up a bag of popcorn from the area marinas and watch as dozens upon dozens of carp clamor for a tasty treat. But watch out, because our resident domesticated ducks will swoop in and steal that popcorn before it barely hits the water.


Eastlake encompasses most of the Bedford County side of Smith Mountain Lake. Popular townships include the eastern side of Moneta, Goodview and Huddleston. Eastlake is one of the more up and coming developing areas around SML. Downtown Mayberry is a commercial development that is as quaint as it is convenient. A combination of fine dining and casual pizzerias and cafes provide delectable dishes suitable for any palette. Various shopping outlets, with everything from home furnishings to clothing and accessories, are also located within this complex.

Eastlake is also home to Smith Mountain Lake State Park. The State Park has a public beach, fishing piers, picnic areas, and trails perfect for walking, hiking and biking. A playground is also on site for the little ones.


Southlake is comprised of Union Hall, Penhook, and Glade Hill. The SML Dam is also located in Southlake. This area is the least commercially developed of Smith Mountain Lake, but is home to many prestigious housing developments. Those who desire a combination of lakefront living and rolling acreage and privacy will fall in love with Southlake.

Southlake straddles both Franklin County and Pittsylvania County.


The beauty of the Smith Mountain Lake area is the convenience of the location. Each of these areas are only moments from one another and are easily accessible by car or boat. And while some townships are more developed than others, each one has their own personality.

It’s important to explore these areas prior to moving to Smith Mountain Lake. I’ll be able to answer any question that you may have regarding your relocation. What are the schools like? Which medical facilities are nearby? Where are the closest public beaches?

Buying a home, whether it’s your primary residence or a vacation getaway, is a huge investment. You’ll want to partner with someone who can help you navigate the waters of Smith Mountain Lake, so to speak. You may have your heart set on a lakefront home in Eastlake, but what if a rural estate in Southlake with lake access suits your needs best?

I take the time to get to know you and your interests. My job isn’t to find you a house; it’s to find you a home.